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dated 2010 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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No 89 & No 90


Two pillars of cor-ten steel split open at the front as if a huge energy escaped. Behind this green lighted printed circuitboards are visible. The work was especially made for Sculpture Biennial "Breakwater 90"  Agger (DK) on the Northsea. The name No 89 & No 90 refers to the numbers of the breakwaters where the biennial took place.



Ammonite of steel with accents of stainless steel and brass on corten steel pedestal in the Borgvliet district in Bergen op Zoom , http://ttps://



Möbius band with recycle logo three-dimensional (see also BLOG from corten steel and recycle printed circuit boards (Wecycle Ewaste) for 50 Anniversary Jubilee Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions The Möbiusband is a one-sided surface discovered in 1858 by the German mathematician August Ferdinant Möbius (1790-1868). A beetle can walk over the entire surface without ever going over the edge. This is the symbol for infinity; a perpetual cycle. Used very effectively by Gary Anderson in 1970 in his design for the Recycle Logo, a symbol that is now known all over the world for the reuse of raw materials.

Industrial Evolution No III


Commissioned for Woongroep Marenland: a steel construction in the hall of the apartment complex Overdiep, a gateway between the present and the past. The artwork is reminiscent of the enormous dynamic industrial past of Appingedam The artwork is built from old ship's skin with rivets and enormous castiron wheels and printed circuit boards from former straw cardboard factory "De Eendracht" in Appingedam. More on my Blog: and the making of :